- 25 Agu 2011

Hither, Thither, and Yon of Seeds!

GARDENING, my new hobby at my own home! Yay!

The first time I saw my yard, it was a mess! It needs all spruced up!

First, I bought Japanese grass at the nursery shop near home. After looking for it really hard, I found one.
I uprooted the bush from the yard and with my unskilled gardening, I trying to plant the japanese grass.

Japanese Grass Seedling
( I used my camera phone, sorry if it looks like not so nice... ^_^)

I hope my grass will grow into like this :
taken from this

In other day, I bought tree seeds to cover my windows up from the heat of sunset (Yeah, it is really hot!). After discussion with the owner of online exotic nursery shop iseedyou , I choose Empress Tree.

Here it is looks like:

taken from this
And this is the seeds looks like:

Emprees Tree Seeds

Songbird Flower Mix Seeds

Besides, I decide to grow up some flowers in my garden. I choose Songbird Flowers Mix, one of flowers package from iseedyou, consists of

  1. Wheat [Hard Red Spring] 
    taken from this
  2. Millet [Hybrid Pearl]
    taken from this
  3. Sunflower [Black Oil]
    taken from this
  4. Safflower
    taken from this
  5. Bachelor's Button [Polkadot Mix]
    taken from this
  6. Coneflower [Purple]
    taken from this
  7. Cosmos
    taken from this
  8. Marigold [African Crackerjack]
    taken from this
  9. Mexican Hat Flower
    taken from this
  10. Love-Lies-Bleeding
    taken from this
  11. Black eye Susan
    taken from this
  12. Golden Rod [Rigid]
taken from this
Can I plant it properly? Time will tell...

I will update the growth of these seeds soon....

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