- 12 Agu 2011

I Miss The Rain

After I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom, I decide to have a blog.
Keeping my mind open.
Adding new friends.
Experiencing new things.

Here we are, now...
Trying to make nothing into something...
Changed from nobody to somebody...


I miss the rain
Rain is always singing
Humming the song at every tinkling

The rain is beautiful

As soft as cotton
and at the same time so tough as rock

As my heart

Always greeting awaited
Hugs are always coveted

How I miss the rain
In his arms
surrounding me
Because rain is my feeling
and rain tells about me

In the rain I found love
In the rain I found him

And he is

The rain that I always miss


Poem to my (wanna-be-)hubby,
March 24th 2008

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