- 14 Agu 2011

Love is (F)art?

I want to sit down and think for a moment about what love means for me.
Love is unconditional, for any kind of love. Love to what we get from parents, from husband/wife, from bestfriends, from our kids, especially from Our God.

Love is circumstances when you do not need to lie about who you are truly.

There was funny moments, when I had a date with my future husband.
We trust each other, bad or good at that time. And the romantic atmosphere was gone, because he farted in front of me!
And he argued love is like that! When you are loved, it means you do not need to be ashamed to fart! You do not need to be ashamed to show who you really are!

Maybe it's a funny phrase, but it's true.

Have you ever fart in front of your parents, your lover, your kids, or your bestfriend?
If yes, that means, they have accepted you as who you are, without the word 'but...', however the word 'although...'

So, what does love mean to you, anyway?

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