- 8 Sep 2011

Family Comes First

At my hubby hometown, the same question from them: Why do you quit your job? Why not working again?

My answer is still the same, NO. A BIG NO.

That is my final decision. There are a lot of jobs out there, and some of that jobs do not require an OFFICE or OFFICE hours. Yes, that is people called ENTREPRENEUR!
I want to be my own boss. No office dress code. No cubicles. No moody bosses. And most important, no one can stepping on my self-esteem.

I love my family, and my family comes first. No matter how I to be paid, I have responsibility to my kids and to my husband. And I know that I'm not good enough to pursue happiness both of these: my family and my job. I must choose one of them. And I choose my family, now and forever...

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