- 23 Sep 2011

A Year Without You, Papa

My father passed away today, a year ago. He had digestive complication. That is just few days after Eid Mubarak. Sometimes, until now, I dream of him. And sometimes that dream was so real, so I could see his face, feel his smell, hear his voice.
I always be his little lovely daughter. He always call me 'upiak', means daughter in Minangnese language.
He was gone peacefully, in my arms, when he has stayed at our home only 4 days after his arrival. After he met me and his only grandson, Little Bee.

I cannot forget few hours before he's gone. He called me that afternoon when I was still at the office, asked me to go home soon, because he could not stand with his sore stomach. I thought that time it was only his usually complaint. When I got home, I made rice porridge for him to eat. While cooking, he asked me to massage his hands. Little Bee has imitating his mother, did the same. That was my last dedication for him. And then, he gone...

Papa, I miss u so much....

In Memoriam


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