- 20 Des 2011

A Hug In The Rain In That Afternoon

That afternoon, as usual, I was struggling with PC waiting for you wake up from a deep nap. The sky was getting dark and as I expected, not longer, the rain began to fall. But different than usual, today the sound of rain on the roof of the house very noisy and terrified you, woke you up from sleep. You called me nervously, "Mommy! Mommy!". "Yes, sweetheart, Mommy's here...!", I rushed up to you in bed. You started to cry and said, "Scary...scary..." and hugged me. "It's okay honey, just sound of the rain..." I laid beside you, hugging you tightly, caressing your hair so that you could calm down and continued sleeping. Your hug was so tight, as if afraid I would leave you alone. Caress by caress, hope your fears away. And finally, in that afternoon we fell asleep cuddling.

My son, my beloved son, hugs that you given to me was melting my heart. How are you so tiny, so weak, so scared and so need me, your mom. You do not have idea how much it meant for me. There's nothing happier than a mother's feelings, when the child loved her so much. Grow up my son, grow up. And anytime, when you have to escape from the world, flee into my knees and Mommy would caress you, the same as the caress in the rain that afternoon.

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14 komentar:

  1. thanks Mas Seagate for visiting me!

  2. i love it.. I can see love in that pic.. :)

  3. Duh senengnya dalam dekapan bunda.. :)

  4. @covalimawati : thanks cova, just an old picture of us ^^
    @mbak reni : teringat pelukan shasa juga ya mbak? ^^

  5. itu foto sendiri ya? bagus banget looooh... suka suka suka.. ^__^

  6. gambar yang bagus, bu. anak2 itu membutuhkan kehangatan irang tua seperti itu.

  7. Aww, picture shows more love than words. :)
    I love the picture a lot!!

  8. @Atma : masih harus banyak belajar, ma...masih jauhlah dari hebat.... *tersipumalu

    @Bebe : ho oh, foto sendiri....mbak juga foto2nya lebih bagus tuh hihihi....malah pengen mbak yg motoin nih.... tengkyu yah ^_^

    @Rusydi : kita sbg ortu, berbuat yang terbaik utk anak2nya dan mdh2an itu tersampaikan ke anak2 kita... ^^

    @Chita : tengkyu ya Chita, stok foto lama aja, drpd ntar jadi barang museum harddisk hihihi...

  9. How sweet! I could feel your motherly love when I read this. :)

    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. Salam kenal ya .. :D

  10. Hope you've already missed your mom too...
    Salam kenal juga...Rajin2 mampir yaaak ^^

  11. mau mngucapin SELAMAT TAHUN BARU semoga tahun 2012 ini kita selalu mendapatkan nikmat sehat, sehingga kita bisa nyambut tahun 2013 nanti.

  12. Aminn....dan semakin sering ngepost + nambah teman2 blogger tentunya ^^


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