25 Agt 2011

Hither, Thither, and Yon of Seeds!

GARDENING, my new hobby at my own home! Yay!

The first time I saw my yard, it was a mess! It needs all spruced up!

First, I bought Japanese grass at the nursery shop near home. After looking for it really hard, I found one.
I uprooted the bush from the yard and with my unskilled gardening, I trying to plant the japanese grass.

Japanese Grass Seedling
( I used my camera phone, sorry if it looks like not so nice... ^_^)

I hope my grass will grow into like this :
taken from this

24 Agt 2011

Sheep Bob

My little Bee starting to like cartoons. Shaun the Sheep and Sponge Bob, both of these are his favorites.

With his mess talking, if he wants to watch these series, he said :


Ah, i wondering what it looks like...

23 Agt 2011

Our Third Year

Time goes on
But I'm still crying if i heard this song
Our special song



I always sing
songs that you created
you sing

And I always follow
all the stories about you
your days

You're the inspiration
the life spirit
at times I'm sad
at times I'm glad
when alone and lonely
You star in my heart

Whatever you do
good and bad for me
stay beautiful

None of the reasons
to forget you
to leave you behind

I always stand
to support you
at the time you fly
at times you fall
until the death,i still faithfully

I always stand
behind you
at the time you adored
at the time you insulted
until my death,i still defending

You're still my star...
You're a my superstar....

Happy Anniversary, Darling...
We hold each other's hand
for the laughter and the tears
through thick and thin
for better or worse
through life's uncertain ride

Til the death do us apart

Pssst: actually, YOU ARE my truly rockstar \m/

20 Agt 2011

14 Agt 2011

Love is (F)art?

I want to sit down and think for a moment about what love means for me.
Love is unconditional, for any kind of love. Love to what we get from parents, from husband/wife, from bestfriends, from our kids, especially from Our God.

Love is circumstances when you do not need to lie about who you are truly.

12 Agt 2011


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