30 Sep 2011

Kneel and Sleep

Little Bee likes chocolate very much.
At his bed time, he asked me for a chocolate donut, and I insisted no chocolate for him. He would becomes 'hyperactive' if I gave him too much.
I once had gave him chocolate misses when his bed time, and he ran around the house until late and could not be stopped! I don't want that happen again. Ever!

And, you can guess. He cried and cried. But, still no chocolate donut allowed. I tried to ignore his crying.
He rolled over and over at the floor. And, still NO from me.

At least, he fell ASLEEP! Not the sleep that makes me laugh, but how he slept! Just like my older post Sleep In Orange! In Mouth

Here he is:

24 Sep 2011


I love photography, and my hubby loves more.

Yes, he is a photographer and graphic designer. I'm so jealous if I saw him worked with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop fluently, no mouse, just keyboard. Oh, God! Give me just a little amazing and fabulous skill from him, just copy his hands and paste in me! LOL

He becomes a graphic designer 10 years ago and becomes photographer just 3 years ago, when we're just getting married. Maybe I cannot become a photographer, but my hubby does. I'm grateful with it. A photographer wife. Not bad.

There's a funny story when he started his job as photographer.

23 Sep 2011

A Year Without You, Papa

My father passed away today, a year ago. He had digestive complication. That is just few days after Eid Mubarak. Sometimes, until now, I dream of him. And sometimes that dream was so real, so I could see his face, feel his smell, hear his voice.
I always be his little lovely daughter. He always call me 'upiak', means daughter in Minangnese language.
He was gone peacefully, in my arms, when he has stayed at our home only 4 days after his arrival. After he met me and his only grandson, Little Bee.

Jumat, September 23, 2011

20 Sep 2011

16 Sep 2011

Sleep with Orange! In Mouth!

What a surprise!
He cries and cries all the day after his father left for work.

He loves oranges, so I persuaded him with oranges. Thank God, he stopped crying.
He moves around carpet while enjoying oranges.

And just for a while, I found him fall asleep.....with orange in his mouth! So adoooooorable!

15 Sep 2011

8 Sep 2011

Family Comes First

At my hubby hometown, the same question from them: Why do you quit your job? Why not working again?

My answer is still the same, NO. A BIG NO.


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