17 Nov 2011

16 Nov 2011

A Happy Family Is But An Earlier Heaven

This picture was taken while my hubby was in a photo shot for a photo contest. I and the little one was waiting for him for so looong time. Actually, this is our first family photo when Little Bee could walking recently.

Oh, and my hubby won in the third place too. That waiting time finally worth it. ^_^

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15 Nov 2011

14 Nov 2011

Potty Training Passed! Well-done Little Bee!

Potty training is one of the biggest and hardest tasks of the parents. Yes, because I've already through of it for just a moment ago. I thought at the beginning, it was become full of crying and so on. But, the truth is : it really isn't so hard. 

This is how I trained him.

I started training my son at about 1,5 years old. Before it, I put on my toddler underwear, because he peed a lot and it wet the floor. It was difficult for me to clean up. After he was used to it, I continued his potty training lesson. After asking my friends-the new moms too, Putri (Rifki's Mom) and Ria (Revan's Mom) I decide to not use a potty seat, so he can always pee or poop anywhere anytime, with or without the potty seat. I explained that he will use the potty to 'let the pee and the poop go'. I took him to the potty frequently every 3-4 hours and a lot of praise if he did. No matter if he did it or not, this is just make him used to and understand. After he woke up from a nap, I always took him to the potty, too. Sometimes, there was accident, I explained again to him, without angry to him, what he must do. I still used diapers only night or going out.

9 Nov 2011

1 Nov 2011

Children : Parent's Reflection

Event 1
A mother complained about her first child, a six-years-old daughter, didn't want to share anything with her four-years-old brother. She yelled at her daughter, that how bad her behaviour, in front of the others mom.

Event 2
Almost every single day, the brother went out with his mom. The sister often stay at home, alone. EVERY DAY?


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