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Welcome to Film For Friday!

Maybe it's too late, but I really like this movie, so I think it deserves to be reviewed.

Coraline is the story about a young lady that feels bored and neglected by her parents. Her parents are freelance writer. They are just move to an old house named Pink Palace Apartment.

They neighbours are weird, a magician named Mr. Bobinsky, sisters named Miriam and April as stage artist, and fussy boy named Wyborn who gives her a doll that looks like Coraline. And a weird black cat.

Dakota Fanning as Coraline

Robert Bailey Jr as Wybie
One day, Coraline finds a small door with a wall behind it. At night, she finds out that the wall behind the door disappeared and turn into a colourful tunnel. Curious, she goes through it and finds that there is the same house with hers. All the people in that other world opposite to the real world, as well as the Other Mother and Other Father that cares about her than her real parents. Coraline really likes to live there. One thing different from all the people is they have button eyes.

Teri Hatcher as Mother/Other Mother

When Coraline says that she wants to live with her fake parents, the Other Mother agree with one condition, Coraline has to change her eyes into button eyes. She refuses and wants to back to her normal live. The Other Mother is angry and locks her up in the mirror.

Keith David as Cat
Inside the mirror, she meets three ghosts. They are the victim of the Other Mother, a witch named Belda. They agreed to change their eyes with button and their souls was trapped forever there. The only way to set them free is find their real eyes.

How does Coraline escape from the mirror?
Is she succeed to find the ghosts eyes?
How does Coraline beat the witch?

You must find out by yourself!

Here is the trailer:

Coraline Jones: [blank] I almost fell down a well yesterday, Mom.
Mother: [typing] Uh-huh.
Coraline Jones: I would've died.
Mother: That's nice.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!
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