- 27 Mar 2012

Digiscrapbook Basic Tutorial

This week I promise to Bunda Kanaya to post about basic tutorial in digiscrapbook.
I'm afraid if I didn't post it, she couldn't sleep thinking about me it.

Before I started, I want to confessed that I'm not an expert in digiscrapbook, I'm beginner, too.
I'm still learning and learning as same as you.
I share this based on my autodidac experience.
So, I need your advice or suggestion. And, so do I, I'm really appreciate if you share your knowledge about digiscrapbook to me.


Ok, let's begin!

1. The most important from digiscrapbook, you MUST have a image digital software.
You can use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Element, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro or else you prefer.
I use Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist.

2. Get the elements ready. There's a lot of freebies out there. Just googling it with digiscrapbook freebies keywords, and wala! You find that.

There's some kind of digiscrapbook elements:
  1. Paper/background
  2. Embellishment
  3. Frame
  4. Letter/Font
  5. Layout
You'll need all of it. Some freebies are Digikit, it already contains all the elements.

3. Prepare the layout.
Before you're started, make a plan for the layout. Draw it with pencil and paper.

You need:
  1. Title
  2. Journalling text
  3. Place for Photo(s)

Here is the layout example:
Layout Plan

In planning layout design , use the Rules of Thirds. The Rule of Thirds is guideline which applies to the process of composing visual images such as paintings, photographs and designs.

Simple way, see this illustration:


If you're out of idea for layout, this is my favourite: Kaisercraft Gallery

4. If the layout plan is done, it's time to make it!

My method is divide the layout plan into 3 layers after the background.

First layer, paper and embellishments for background
First Layer + Background

Second layer, frame and frame embellishments
Second Layer

Third layer, Title, font or letter and last embellishments
Third Layer

Aaaaand, you're done!

Just that simple!

Hope you enjoy this digiscrapbook tutorial ^_^

If you curious about this and wanna try online, just try SmileBox.
Further tutorial, visit DigiscrapDepot

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