- 1 Mar 2012

Paradise Kiss - Japan

I just looked what is in the movie folder. My hubby just added movie anytime he got the new one.
There, this "Paradise Kiss" called my eyes to see. Sounds Holywood.
Ok, I opened my Media Player, and it began. Warner Bros. Ok, this is holywood movie.
Then, wait...What? Warner Bros Pictures Japan?
Oh...Why the Japanese song played?
This is not Holywood?
Mmmm, wait...based on the comic by Ai Yazawa?
So this is japan movie? *slow connection*

Cool! A Manga and Warner Bros sounds good to me!

*Noted: My hubby usually put holywood or korea movie. So, it is so strange if Japan movie in there. It must be a good movie!

And, I am just right!
It's lovely!

Fashion, design, models, love, dream, kiss, great clothes, what else could be better than these? (Beside The Devil Wears Prada, of course. That is still my fave). I do not tell you what the story about, say I'm cruel #bwahahahaha...If you curious about this movie, you can read the manga online HERE

Or see the trailer here:

Oh, I just remembered my first fashion show when I was at third grade in elementary school. ^_^
How I'm missing that much!

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