31 Jan 2012

24 Jan 2012

20 Jan 2012

Panggil Aku Amoy (Sebuah Ironi)

Ini bukan mengenai rasisme, tapi tentang bagaimana engkau memperlakukan seseorang...

Dilahirkan sebagai seorang Chinese-Minangkabau, tidak mudah bagiku besar dalam dua keluarga yang saling bertentangan. Seandainya saja Romeo-Juliet akhirnya menikah dan mempunyai seorang gadis kecil, bayangkan saja jika ia harus terpaksa 'memihak' salah satu keluarga yang saling bermusuhan. Dan itu sama saja seperti 'menang jadi arang, kalah pun jadi abu'.
Sayangnya, perlakuan lingkungan sekitarku pun tidak mendukung.

19 Jan 2012

Dika, You Rock!

Bosen di rumah, eh ketemu video gokil ini. Raditya Dika lagi ngebanyol dalam acara Stand Up Comedy.
Buat para blogger yang lagi suntuk apalagi galau, silahkan dinikmati:

16 Jan 2012

Fight Weight

I don't know if I gained weight until my hubby took my pictures. Oh NO! NO! NO!
Yes, I just stopped breastfeeding Little Bee couple months ago, and not realizing it. When I was pregnant, my weight is up to 15 kg increase. After birth, I could lose my weight until 20 kg because I was breastfeed. Sound nice, isn't it?

15 Jan 2012

Hear Me - Taiwan

It's a long time I don't review a movie! Housework and Little Bee makes me busy, of course. Sooooo....Here's my review about : Hear Me. Prepare your tissue before watching this!

14 Jan 2012

Better Comment Form!

Great news for Bloggers!

You already know that Blogger has not-good-enough-comment form, do you?
Many many times, I think to move my blog to Wordpress because of this, buuuuut I've already falling in love with Blogger! I love the the freedom to change the template, HTML, widget and anything else without any exception even though it is free. Can I switch to another CMS just because one condition? It makes me feel a little guilty *sigh

12 Jan 2012

11 Jan 2012

First Blog Award

Whoooaaaah, almost a week I was busy with my brother wedding preparations, AG...fiuuuuuhhh...finally all goes well. Alhamdulillah...
I hope I could tell about it later. Wait for my next post, OK?

Ehhhm, when I opened my blog, I was given an AWARD from my dear friend, Cova! Thank you Covaaaaaa, this is my FIRST AWARD! Yippy Yippy Yippppyyyyy!!!

There is a homework again but I'm happy because it means that I have another post!

5 Jan 2012

Dreaming Wife

That day, my hubby was busy with his digital images, and I just finished my housework and feeding Little Bee.
I took a magazine on the table. Page by page I opened and read, until my eyes focused to one article about a model. Written there that she will keep reaching her dream and then she will got married.

4 Jan 2012

2 Jan 2012

Romantic Dinner for Two

"Honey,what do you want for me to buy when I get home?", asked my hubby on phone. "Bring me mie aceh, dear. I hope this night that place is open, not like yesterday", I replied."Woah, you're really like mie aceh nowadays, do you? You're waiting until that place open...", he asked again. "He eh, just like I'm craving, do I?", I teased. "OK, honey, I'll bring it for you...". "Be careful, sweetheart...", I hang on the phone.


2012 Project Challenges

Welcome 2012!

As in previous years, the beginning of each year, I make dream projects this year too. If I usually just write it in my diary, reading alone, thinking myself, now, because I've already have blog, I put it in here ^_^


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